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IBM's AI service will offer firms climate change analysis
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IBM’s AI Service Will Offer Firms Climate Change Analysis

According to the latest news, IBM launched the Environmental Intelligence Suite. It is a set of AI powered software that individuals can use to prepare for climate risks obstructing operations. The Environmental Intelligence Suite combines

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Electric car firms, Xpeng and Nio, might beat Tesla

According to the latest news, China’s electric car firms are ramping up production faster than the giant electric vehicle giant, Tesla, did in its early days. On Monday, U.S.-listed start-up Xpeng announced that it has

Technology News

Amazon’s Twitch Was Hacked, Exposing Product Plans

On Wednesday, Twitch, Amazon’s live-streaming e-sports platform, was hacked in a breach that included details on payments to content creators. Meanwhile, it also included an unreleased product from Amazon Game Studios. The firm accused an

Glove Machine Patent Infringement

Omri Shafran is Texas Medical Technology’s CEO. The PPE distribution company has been a point of continuous controversy, including possible patent infringement. The case revolves around a machine called iNitrile – a surgical glove donning

Technology News

Facebook, Instagram, and Whats App Are Coming Back Online

According to public statements from the three Facebook services, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp suffered outages on Monday.  Notably, outage tracking site Down Detector logged tens of thousands of reports for each of the services. Facebook

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Omri Shafran – A Product or a Scam?

With the pandemic still going on, the demand for developments in medicine is at one of its highest points. Medical technologies have seen a strong development during COVID and don’t seem to be slowing. However,

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