Apple’s GenAI Plans More Details Later This Year: Tim Cook

US tech giant Apple Inc. is set to provide more details about its generative artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives later this year.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook said the Cupertino-based company has made considerable bets in GenAI as it expects “incredible breakthrough potential” from it.

They also believed such technology would provide users with transformative opportunities in productivity, problem-solving, and more, according to Cook.

The announcement followed reports of the iPhone maker allegedly abandoning its 10-year project to build a multibillion-dollar electric vehicle (EV). Certain employees involved in the EV plan have reportedly been reassigned to help with the firm’s GenAI work.

How Apple is Competing in the AI Field

Compared to its Big Tech rivals, Apple has taken a slower approach to investing and increasing its efforts in GenAI.

Microsoft Corp. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google LLC have already integrated the AI product that can produce human-like outputs to written prompts into their offerings.

Cook said they are internally working on GenAI in the company’s products, and more details about specific AI features will be disclosed later this year.

Earlier news stated that Apple intends to use AI to enhance its stored data search capabilities. The firm aims to further Siri and iOS’s Spotlight Search with GenAI, allowing the two to generate responses to more complicated queries and manage complex multi-turn discussions.

Apple is also reportedly looking into AI features that will let users automatically create presentation slides in Keynote, playlists in Apple Music, and GenAI coding recommendations in its app-building platform, Xcode.

Moreover, the firm saw a highly competent AI machine on Apple Silicon-enabled Mac computers, according to Cook, saying there was no better computer for AI on the market at present.

Apple shareholders recently declined a proposal from the pension trust of the AFL-CIO, which requires the company to reveal further information about its AI utilization methods and any related ethical guidelines.

The iPhone maker rejected the request as such a move could accidentally divulge strategy while it contends against rivals in the rapidly developing AI space.

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