Athletes that Chose Crypto Over Cash

For NFL fans, 2021 was a great year. Stadiums returned to capacity crowds behind the 2020 season was trimmed with limited attendance. Furthermore, stadium parking lots were full of the enthusiastic anticipation of tailgaters and their barbequed camaraderie. 

It was also a fantastic year for Bitcoin (BTC) investors. The largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization caught all-time high prices throughout 2021, ultimately topping out at $69,000 in early November. This directed to dramatic growth in media coverage of Bitcoin.

Some NFL players in 2021 chose to call the audible and begin either being paid in crypto or having their cash salary partially altered to crypto. These players have capitalized on the return of the regular season and the improved profitability of Bitcoin.

Aaron Rodgers

The reigning 2020 NFL MVP notified via a Nov. 1 video post on Twitter that he was partnering with Cash App payment service to receive a portion of his salary in Bitcoin. Rodgers will earn approximately $22.3 million this year.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is another high-profile NFL star quarterback who dabbled laboriously in cryptocurrency in 2021. Brady has not yet stated that he receives a salary in BTC from the NFL. However, he is a part-owner of crypto exchange FTX and acts as a brand ambassador.

Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. (OBJ) tracked in Aaron Rodgers’ footsteps by declaring late in November that he had partnered with Cash App to accept his salary from the NFL in BTC. His contract specifies that he should receive around $4.25 million from the NFL this season.

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