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Tech firms will be hit by G-7 tax deal
Technology News

Tech Firms Will Be Hit by G-7 Tax Deal

According to the latest news, the world’s largest tech firms face a corporate tax avoidance crackdown. This is a result of the Group of Seven most developed economies agreeing with a historic deal. The G-7

google and youtube
Technology News

Google Is Moving Parts of YouTube to Cloud Service

According to the head of Google’s cloud, Google is moving parts of its popular YouTube video service from the advertising company’s internal data center infrastructure to the firm’s cloud service. The effort shows that the

Coinbase, dogecoin, bitcoin
Technology News

Coinbase Offers Pro Users the Option to Trade Dogecoin

According to the latest news, the crypto exchange Coinbase finally decided to get into Dogecoin. Starting Tuesday, Coinbase is offering its Pro users the option to trade Dogecoin. As we know, Dogecoin is a meme-based cryptocurrency

Nvidia booked $155m in revenue from CMP cards
Technology News

Nvidia Booked $155m in Revenue from CMP Cards

In February, as cryptocurrency prices boosted, Nvidia released new processors specifically for mining crypto. Although they can’t power a computer monitor, they can generate valuable ether coins. On May 25, the firm updated how its

Technology News

Norway Fines Tesla $16,000 per Customer

A court in Norway has fined the giant car-maker Tesla. This was a result of a 2019 software update. It slowed down battery charging speeds and affected the number of miles some cars could travel

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