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EU lawmakers pass Digital Markets Act

European Union (EU) lawmakers ratified the Digital Markets Act on Tuesday to rein in the American technology giants. However, the enforcement of the landmark rules is a worry due to the limited resources of the

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Technology News

Snap launches paid subscription for $3.99 a month

Snap Inc. announced on Wednesday that it would roll out a $3.99/month subscription plan for Snapchat. The premium tier will unlock exclusive and pre-release features. The Plus plan will include functions such as pining your

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Sony fuels gaming push with Inzone gear

On Monday, Sony Group Corporation unveiled the Inzone gear line, accelerating its push toward the PC gaming market. The Japanese conglomerate launched a new computer headset and desktop product, looking beyond its core PlayStation console

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Technology News

Tesla’s New Car Factories Are Losing Billions

Elon Musk said Tesla lose “billions of dollars” at new factories in Germany and the U.S. due to battery shortages and supply disruptions in China. The billionaire also called the factories in Berlin and Austin,

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Technology News

Meta and Microsoft form Metaverse Standards Forum

On Wednesday, Meta Platforms, Microsoft, and other tech giants announced to form a Metaverse Standards Forum. The group aims to drive open interoperability, making it easier for developers to build systems across platforms. Participants include

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Technology News

Spotify to slash hiring by 25% on economic headwinds

Spotify Technology SA announced to reduce hiring by 25.00% due to the broad macroeconomic uncertainties. The world’s largest on-demand audio streaming firm is the latest technology company to curb expenses amid the headwinds. Chief Executive

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Technology News

Netflix to launch Squid Game reality competition

On Tuesday, Netflix Inc. greenlighted the biggest reality competition, Squid Game: The Challenge, based on its most-watched series. The streaming giant cited that the show offers $4.56 million, the largest cash price in television history.

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Technology News

Spotify to reach $100 billion in revenue in 10 years

Spotify Technology delivered a bullish growth outlook on Wednesday, promising high-margin returns from its costly expansion into podcasts and audiobooks. The audio streaming platform hosted its first investor day since going public in 2018. This

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