ChatGPT Users to Gain News Access from Le Monde, Prisa Media

On Wednesday, OpenAI disclosed its collaboration with French and Spanish news providers Le Monde and Prisa Media as ChatGPT users will gain access to their news content.

According to reports, OpenAI will gain access to content from Le Monde and Prisa Media outlets, such as El Pais, Cinco Dias, and El HuffPost, to train its artificial intelligence (AI) models.

In a statement, the firm’s chief operating officer, Brad Lightcap, said his firm aims to empower ChatGPT users globally to engage with news in innovative and enriching ways by working alongside the Spanish and French news providers.

The company has also announced that ChatGPT users will soon have access to publishers’ news content summaries and links to the original articles.

Moreover, according to Le Monde’s CEO Louis Dreyfus, the collaboration with OpenAI allows them to broaden their reach and uphold their commitment to provide precise, validated, and unbiased news content.

Dreyfus labeled its news outlet as France’s leading news channel, boasting 600,000 subscribers and over two million daily users.

He also said that the partnership is seen as a strategic maneuver to ensure reliable information is disseminated to AI users. This move is perceived as safeguarding their journalistic integrity and revenue streams.

Conversely, Prisa Media CEO Carlos Nunez sees the OpenAI alliance as a way to merge technology and human expertise to serve readers’ future needs.

European Parliament AI Act Approves OpenAI’s ChatGPT

On Wednesday, the European Parliament approved the groundbreaking AI regulations encompassing potent systems such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

The AI Act targets high-risk AI applications in public and private sectors, imposing stricter obligations and transparency rules for powerful models like ChatGPT.

Moreover, Brussels raced to enact new regulations following the emergence of OpenAI’s Microsoft-supported ChatGPT in late 2022, sparking global rivalry.

Meanwhile, gen-AI, as exemplified by ChatGPT, is thrilled with its human-like abilities, from understanding complex text to quickly generating poems or passing medical exams.

However, the excitement turned to concern as threats emerged, notably the potential for AI-generated deepfakes to amplify disinformation campaigns.

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