Compagnie FT Ends Q4-2022 with 8.9% Revenue Rise.

During the Q4 of 2022, Compagnie Financière Tradition (CFT) experienced a steady rise in revenue. The Swiss interdealer broker and operator of a Japanese retail broking giant reported consolidated earnings at CHF 231.1 million. 

It was an 8.9% increase from the previous year’s figure after being adjusted for currency fluctuations. The rise is remarkable progress considering CFT generated CHF 219 million during the last three months of 2022.

The company reported consolidated adjusted revenue of CHF 250.9 million, which was an impressive 8.7% increase in constant currency basis and 4.8% when converted to the current exchange rate, compared with its Q4 2022 figures at CHF 239.3 million!

CFT is divided into two main segments, the interdealer broking (IDB) and their retail Forex trading platform in Japan called Gaitame. The innovative tool provides a user-friendly way for people to access live FX markets from anywhere on Earth!


The group didn’t reveal the figures from its two business divisions separately but mentioned that the consolidated adjusted revenue of their IDB sector saw an 8.8% surge in constant currencies. 

At the same time, it only grew by 5.9% for the non-IDB areas. Nevertheless, this change was not reflected when considering existing exchange rates – with the IDB rising at a rate of 5.5% while seeing a decrease of 11.4% for non-IDB areas!

Solid Yearly Performance

CFT reported its consolidated revenue for the year was CHF 947.4 million, demonstrating a 10.5% improvement in constant currencies and 8.4% at current exchange rates compared to the previous year’s total of CHF 873.6 million.

The company concluded the year with an adjusted revenue of around CHF 1.03 billion, a growth of 10.6%compared to last year’s rate when held constant. The IDB delivered a 10.4% rise in income at consistent currencies for 2020, while non-IDB attained 14.6% progress from its earlier performance during the same period.

Its revenue skyrocketed 19.2% year-over-year in Q3 and a 7.5% increase at a constant exchange rate during Q2 of this year. Its annual performance has seen an unprecedented boost thanks to Japan’s Gaitame’s growth in Q1. The company reported a consolidated revenue of CHF 232.4 million for Q3 and CHF 483.9 million over the fiscal year!

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