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Delta Air Lines Stocks Drop as it Cancels More Flights

Shares of Delta Air Lines slightly skidded in the after-hours market on Tuesday as it expected to cancel more flights. 

Its stock price fell 0.13% or 0.05 points to $39.58 per share. It also reversed a gain of 1.62% or 0.63 points to $39.63 per share on the regular trading session. 

The US carrier noted that it prospected to cancel 250 of 4,133 scheduled mainline and connection flights yesterday. 

Delta Air Lines explained that winter weather conditions in the Pacific Northwest and Midwest affected its operations. 

At the same time, it also cited the conflict imposed by the surging cases of the Omicron coronavirus variant. 

Recent findings revealed that the latest virus strain causes only milder symptoms than previous ones. 

However, Omicron is highly transmissible, whereas workers who test positive, even if asymptomatic, need to isolate.

In line with this, businesses such as airlines cannot stay open. Some halt their services due to worker shortages.  

On Monday, United States public health officials adjusted the isolation protocols after infection. 

The new rules only ask the asymptomatic to isolate for five days, lower from the previous guidance of 10 days. 

In addition, they also shortened the time that close contacts need to quarantine.

Moreover, the average COVID-19 infections in the US elevated 55% to 205,000 per day over the last seven days.

Delta Air Lines, Alaska Call Off Flights

Like Delta, Alaska Air Group canceled 150 flights to and from Seattle n Tuesday. It also warned of additional cancellations and delays throughout the day.

Correspondingly, the total cancellations in and out of the United States posted at 1,034, with 2,694 delayed flights. 

In the stated case, it marked the fifth day of flight cancellations, pulling the majority of the airline stocks. 

Last Monday, US carriers postponed more than 1,000 flights, following thousands of flight cancellations over the Christmas holiday weekend.

Meanwhile, Delta said it is currently exerting efforts to reroute and substitute some planes.

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