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European Stocks Skid in Thin Trade as Omicron Fears Rise

On Monday, European stocks mostly declined in a holiday-thin trade as investors continued to fret over the surge of Omicron infections. 

Accordingly, the Pan-European STOXX 600 index slightly gained 0.17% or 0.84 points to $483.35 per share.

A Luxembourg-based real estate firm, Adler Group, gained 4.81% or 0.59 points to $12.78 per share. 

Similarly, Norwegian hydrogen company Nel ASA elevated 4.81% or 0.83 points to $18.00 per share. 

Inversely, the EURO STOXX 50 declined 0.05% or 2.19 points to $4,252.82 per share in the European stocks. 

Then, Irish bookmaking holding firm Flutter Entertainment lost 1.17% or 180.91 points to $15,283.90 per share. 

Subsequently, EssilorLuxottica, a France-based ophthalmic business, shed 0.93% or 1.95 points to $207.23 per share. 

Also, Cosmetic firm L’Oréal weakened 0.65% or 3.11 points to $474.63 per share. 

Meanwhile, German stocks posted gains in the European stocks. 

The MDAX Performance index jumped 0.33% or 113.91 points to $34,947.96 per share. 

Similarly, the benchmark DAX 40 index increased 0.08% or 12.96 points to $15,769.27 per share. 

In France, the CAC 40 index edged up 0.06% to 4.53% to $7,091.11 per share. 

Accordingly, markets in the United Kingdom closed in line with the national holiday. 

Asia-Pacific Down as European Stocks Mixed 

Meanwhile, shares in the Asia-Pacific region closed lower, followed by the weak trading of the European stocks. 

In Japan, Nikkei 225 index dipped 0.37% or 106.13 points to $28,676.46 per share. 

Eventually, the broader TOPIX index slipped 0.45% or 8.88 points to $1,977.90 per share. The benchmark Shanghai Composite slashed 0.06% to 2.08 points to $3,615.97 per share in mainland China. 

Elsewhere, South Korea’s KOSPI decreased 0.43% or 12.88 points to $2,999.55 per share. 

Furthermore, Australia and Hong Kong also celebrated their Christmas holiday today. 

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