Meta Applications Down for Thousands of Users

On Monday, Meta Platforms’ social media applications infuriated thousands of users across the US due to the reported outages.

According to experts, the affected offerings were Instagram, Facebook, and its messaging application, WhatsApp.

Around 13,000 Instagram users reported experiencing issues, while 5,400 users had concerns with Facebook. In addition, WhatsApp had 1,870 users complaining about outages.

Moreover, around 66.00% of Facebook’s problems were about the website, while 23.00% complicated accessibility issues of the application. Also, 11.00% of the reported errors were server-based concerns.

On Instagram, a media-sharing platform from Meta, analysts stated 62.00% of the users were frustrated with app issues. 19.00% of them could not access the website, while 18.00% had server connection outages.

Based on Downdetector, they tracked outages by gathering status reports from multiple sources, adding user-submitted errors per platform. They added that the disruptions may have affected a significant number of users.

On the other hand, Meta did not immediately respond to the query regarding the outages.

The issues seem to have been resolved since the number of reported issues went down. However, there is no clear statement on what caused the Meta Platforms to experience errors simultaneously.

Threads from Meta Gained Users Faster than ChatGPT

Twitter’s rival, Threads, a new application from Meta, surpassed 100 million sign-ups in just five days of launch.

According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, they claimed the title of the fastest-growing online platform, dethroning ChatGPT.

Since its Wednesday launch, Threads has been breaking records for user growth. Celebrities, politicians, and journalists joining the platform were seen as threatening the Elon Musk-owned app.

Based on experts, the Meta app’s race to reach 100 million users was quicker than ChatGPT’s sprint. Besides, the OpenAI-owned platform was the fastest-growing application in January, just two months after its rollout.

Threads possess similar features to Twitter. It can publish posts up to 500 characters and media files like links, images, and videos that last five minutes.


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