Meta Simulates Surgical Procedures for Doctors’ Practice

Quest 2 of Meta is used by surgeons to simulate medical procedures, allowing doctors to practice from their homes.

Last year, as a resident doctor in Ohio, Dr. Jake Shine used a virtual reality (VR) headset for work. Some doctors also wore VR headsets while walking through the 3D simulation of the surgery they were about to do.

Shine used his headset at home to practice after the mock procedure. He did it twice before conducting the actual procedure.

According to an interview, he claimed that using the technology helped him learn what to do without risking the patient. He added that no complications were experienced in the procedure, and the patient fully recovered.

Moreover, the VR technology of Meta is beneficial in some healthcare industry sectors. Kettering Health Dayton is one of the US health systems adopting rising technologies such as VR.

In 2014, Meta entered the market as it purchased Oculus. After three years, it introduced its first stand-alone headset.

On the other hand, the Reality Labs unit of Meta that develops its VR and augmented reality (AR) lost billions.

Furthermore, the tech company roughly identified health care as its target market. Also, it released case studies and disseminated short videos involving surgeons under training.

AI System to be Improved by Meta

On Sunday, journalists reported that Meta is working on a new artificial intelligence (AI) system to match OpenAI’s model.

It aims to have it ready by next year and claims to be several times more potent than Llama 2. The code generation model is the firm’s open-source AI language model, launched in July. 

Also, Meta plans to start training the new AI system at the start of 2024. In addition, businesses and enterprises gathered to develop a generative AI market for better work processes since ChatGPT’s launch.

Analysts say Apple is also working on AI offerings like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard. It added its own framework called Ajax to create large language models and test a chatbot called Apple GPT.

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