Meta Works on a Decentralized Social Networking Application

On Friday, Meta Platforms is working on an independent decentralized social network for text update sharing, which can compete with Twitter.

A Meta spokesperson believes there is an opportunity for a different space wherein creators and public figures can share updates.

An Indian business news website first reported the information. According to the report, the company’s new content application would support ActivityPub, a decentralized social networking protocol. It powers the Twitter rival Mastodon and other associate apps.

Since Twitter and Facebook are run by one company, regionalized platforms like Mastodon are installed on thousands of computer servers. Most are controlled by volunteer administrators joining their systems in a federation.

Moreover, the new app of Meta would be Instagram-branded. As said by analysts, it will enable users to sign up or log in through their Instagram credentials.

Also, they added that the project is still in its earliest stages. Therefore, there has yet to be a time frame for its release. However, legal and regulatory teams already began investigating potential privacy concerns for the application before its launch.

On the other hand, the Founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, launched a new social media platform, Bluesky, to the rival application. It is a Twitter alternative released on the Apple App Store, which is on an invite-only basis.

Reels Bonus Program in Meta Paused

Meta is pausing its Reels Play bonus program in the US to shift their focus to a revenue share system instead.

Stopping the program for a while will impact US-based creators on Instagram and Facebook. However, any ongoing Reels bonuses which creators signed up for will be passed for the next 30 days.

Moreover, the holdback is surprising since it already has challenges establishing short-form monetization programs. Also, Meta is dealing with an ad-revenue share for Reels.

According to a Facebook chief, they have built one of the most solid monetization offerings wherein creators can earn money. Additionally, they will keep on expanding their ads on Facebook Reels tests to contribute to creators in earning ad revenue.

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