Meta’s Latest Developments on Emu AI Models

Social media giant Meta introduced its latest progress to Emu artificial intelligence (AI)-based tools for Facebook and Instagram users.

Meta unveiled its two AI-powered generative models for video generation and image editing tools. Emu Video features the older model for image and text-based video creation, while Emu Edit specializes in precise photo editing.

However, the company said the models are in the research stage, but its initial results benefit creators, artists, and animators.

Emu Video, disclosed by Meta, involves a process similar to image generation, using generative AI to imbue still images with movement for videos.

The model “factorized” training method generates images conditioned on text prompts and creates videos from text and generated images. Additionally, the model animates images, utilizing only two diffusion models to create 512×512, four-second videos at 16 frames per second.

Meanwhile, Emu Edit pivots in image manipulation, enabling background removal, color and geometry transformations, and local and global editing capabilities. Meta argues that the model’s main aim is not merely creating a ‘believable’ image but precisely altering pixels applicable to edit requests.

Furthermore, the social media giant trained Emu Edit through computer vision tasks, utilizing a 10 million synthesized images dataset. Researchers claim the largest-ever dataset of its kind empowers the model to provide unmatched results in instruction, faithfulness, and image quality.


Emu AI Models of Meta Way Ahead Progress

While Meta’s Emu AI models are still developing in thorough research, the potential use cases are visible.

For example, it allows users to generate animated stickers and graphic interchange format (GIF) rather than searching for an existing one. Also, it enables users to edit their photos without using professional tools like Photoshop.

Furthermore, Emu AI models are beginner-friendly and could help users express themselves creatively. For instance, an art director creates a visionary concept, or a creator spins heartfelt birthday reels for a best friend’s special day.

Meta stated that its latest models are not to replace professional artists and animators. Instead, the tech giant aims to help people to express themselves in new ways.

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