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Microsoft Rose as it Plans to Restrict AI Rival Tools

On Friday, Microsoft improved while attempting to restrict search data from its artificial intelligence (AI) competitors. Its stock price rose by 1.05% to $280.57 per share on March 24. Likewise, it is bound to increase by 0.12% to $280.92 in its upcoming session.

The corporation warned to cut off authorization to its internet-search data, licensed to rival search engines. This will occur if they continue utilizing it as a basis for their own AI chat products.

According to analysts, Microsoft already told two customers that by using its Bing search index, they violated the contract terms. Bing is an internet map wherein users can scan in real-time.

Also, a company spokesperson said they kept contact with partners out of compliance as they enforced their terms. However, they added that they would continue working with them directly to gather the needed information.

Besides, rival search engines use the web search data of Microsoft since indexing the entire internet is pricey. Moreover, it comes off as expensive as it involves servers and ongoing web digging to ensure the index is current. 

Furthermore, its threat to slash access holds possible severe consequences for the ability of users to maintain AI chatbot accuracy. Currently, Microsoft and Google are the only organizations that index the whole web.

Update for Screenshot Editing Released by Microsoft

Microsoft launched an update on screenshot editing vulnerability for Windows 10 and 11. The update enables threat actors to recover modified screenshot sectors.

The security concern called the aCropalypse can enable actors to have the modified parts of screenshots. This could potentially disclose crucial information which is cropped out or masked.

As mentioned by Microsoft, the issue impacts both the Snip & Sketch of Windows 10 and Window 11’s Snipping Tool. However, it only applies to photographs from a particular set of processes. Also, it includes the ones opened, edited, and then saved in the exact location using the Snipping Tool.

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