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Microsoft Shifts to Annual Updates for Windows 10

On Wednesday, Microsoft Corporation announced that it would move to one annual update for Windows 10 instead of twice a year.

Accordingly, this subtle yet significant shift would minimize the frustration that customers experience.

In addition, the tech giant unveiled the Windows 10 November 2021 Update, better known as version 21H2.

Consequently, this covers stronger security to avert attacks while using Wi-Fi networks.

At the same time, it upgraded the Universal Print feature, allowing it to handle print jobs up to one gigabyte. 

Remarkably, customers could also utilize the Azure Virtual Desktop service to supply apps on cloud-based Windows 10.

Users can check the availability of this update by navigating to Update & Security on their desktop settings. 

In line with this, halving the number of updates would let Microsoft be in trend with the industry standard. 

At present, Apple delivers a new version of MacOS once a year, and its iOS will only issue one annual update. It is also similar to the Android operating system.

However, Google explained that it would still do a full update to Chrome OS roughly every four weeks.

Subsequently, this announcement came after last month’s release of Windows 11, Microsoft’s newest operating system. It will also follow a similar annual schedule to its predecessor.

Moreover, Microsoft issued Windows 10 in 2015 and had updates twice a year, fueling complaints from customers. 

In 2019, the tech company initiated one larger update, entailing new features, and a smaller one pivoted on performance and reliability.

Meanwhile, Windows remains highly significant to Microsoft’s business, imparting about 13.00% of revenue.

Last year, it garnered about 83.00% market share by unit shipments, while Google Chrome OS contributed 10.00%. Then, Apple’s Mac OS obtained 7.00%. 

Microsoft Speeds Up Windows 11 Rollout

Consequently, Microsoft mentioned that it would accelerate the rollout of Windows 11, making it more broadly available.

Additionally, it emphasized that the adjusted pace would be faster than previously anticipated.

Accordingly, Windows 11 includes a brand-new, more Mac-like interface to the OS.  It also integrates Android apps, marking another move towards the merge of mobile and laptop devices. 

Subsequently, MS Teams is directly included in the Windows 11 taskbar, which is easier to access. 

Then, it has virtual desktops similar to Macs, toggling between multiple desktops at once. 

Furthermore, it provides features found in Xbox consoles, like Auto HDR and DirectStorage, enhancing the gaming experience. 

Consumer feedback has been positive, leading Microsoft to take the new operating system to more devices.

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