Microsoft lost 12% of its profit

Microsoft Unveils New Windows AI Tools, PCs for Business

In a March 21 event, Microsoft revealed its Windows artificial intelligence (AI) tools and its first Surface AI personal computers (PCs) for business.

The Surface Pro 10 for Business and Surface Laptop 6 for Business feature Intel’s latest Core Ultra processors. They also include the cloud tech giant’s Copilot key and a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) to enhance AI-driven features in Windows 11.

However, these devices will not be available for direct consumer purchase.

Meanwhile, both Surface devices appear almost similar to their predecessor, which was released two years ago, and they are currently solely accessible to business clientele.

However, analysts suggested that Microsoft may still consider releasing consumer versions of these Surface laptops later in the year.

According to reports, both models feature a new Intel Core Ultra 5 or 7 processor at their core. Microsoft claims significant performance improvements, with the Surface Laptop 6 being twice as fast as its predecessor and the Surface Pro 10 up to 53% faster than the Pro 9.

Moreover, the dedicated NPU in the new chipsets is anticipated to enhance both performance and efficiency, consequently extending battery life, particularly when handling AI-related tasks like Windows Studio Effects, Live Captions, and productivity tools.

Surface PCs QR Codes Debut for Microsoft

Microsoft disclosed that it made service and repair easier for its new Surface devices by adding QR codes on their internal components.

Nancy Gaskill, Surface’s general manager, highlighted that the firm had included quick servicing, featuring clear visual icons and integrated repair instructions. Also, these alterations render the Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 the most easily serviceable Surface devices ever.

Furthermore, on the Surface Pro 10, users will be able to replace the display, battery, thermal, and microphone modules, among other things.

Additionally, the Surface Laptop 6’s list of replaceable components comprises the display assembly, keyboard, audio jack, battery, motherboard, and other essential parts.

Microsoft initially enhanced the repairability of the Surface lineup with the Arm-powered Surface Pro X in 2019, introducing a removable Solid-State Drive and modular components.

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