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Spotify Claims Apple Restrict its App Updates in the EU

On Friday, Spotify claimed that Apple was obstructing its European Union (EU) app updates, in addition to its $2 billion charge from past complaints about App Store rules.

According to reports, Spotify emailed the European Commission stating that Apple has not yet responded or acknowledged its petition to bring pricing subscription information into the app.

The audio-streaming app also said that this prevents it from updating the software for its users, fixing bugs, or adding other features.

Meanwhile, last week, Spotify sent an update to Apple, adding links to its EU app for subscription options and pricing, bypassing the iPhone maker’s payment system.

The firm has responded to the latest Commission ruling by adding subscription information to its bloc’s app, bypassing anti-steering rules.

However, Apple countered by announcing plans to appeal and highlighted several ways to include value to Spotify without charging the company.

Conversely, the Swedish audio-streaming provider stated that this situation is yet another instance illustrating the California-based firm’s tendency to evade or adhere to the bloc’s decisions if left unchallenged.

Moreover, Spotify also calls on the European Commission to engage with the tech giant and insists on approval for its modifications.

The audio-streaming app expressed concern about the iPhone maker’s history, worrying that the delay might be deliberate in order to avoid or postpone compliance entirely.

Apple Remains Silent on Spotify App Submission

According to reports, Spotify claimed in an email to the bloc that Apple has yet to authorize the update since its submission.

The firm stated it had waited over a week for the American phone manufacturer’s response regarding its app submission to display pricing and links to its EU customers.

Meanwhile, Spotify spokesperson Jeanne Moran highlights that Apple’s delay contradicts their 24-hour app review claim and goes against the Commission’s timeline.

The iPhone maker commonly withholds app approvals in the App Store due to disagreements. Despite a $2 billion penalty, it remains firm about the Spotify issue.

Notably, the bloc prohibits the tech giant from restricting developers on payment method disclosures.

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