Tesla halts Shanghai factory output on COVID curbs

Tesla Cut Prices Amid Interest Changes

On Friday, Tesla slashed prices in China for the second time in almost three months due to radical interest changes. The automaker’s shares closed with an increase of 2.47% to $113.06 per share on January 06. However, it lost up to 70.00% in stocks of its value last year.

The famous EV maker has been able to keep prices steady and even have price hikes caused by solid orders. Nonetheless, CEO Elon Musk said the affordability of cars was affected by the changes in profits last month. Besides, Tesla had to lessen its prices in order to sustain its volume growth.

Also, the company cut the charges for its famous Model Y and Model 3 electric vehicles in Japan, Australia, and South Korea. The decrease was part of an effort to encourage output demand in its Shanghai factory.

Both models’ prices were down by 6.00% to 13.50%. Furthermore, the latter’s starting price was lowered to ¥229,900.00 from ¥265,900. In addition, these models are currently 24.00% to 32.00% lower than those in the US.

Moreover, the automaker had its latest price cut in China in October. This meant a 13.00% to 24.00% reduction in its prices from September in Tesla’s second-largest market. Likewise, the EV maker China-made cars struck their lowest in five months in December.

Chinese Tesla Owners Fuss Over Missed Price Cuts

On Saturday, around 200 recent Tesla buyers of Model Y and Model 3 assembled at a delivery center in Shanghai. Customers protested against the carmaker’s decision to cut prices, which they missed while they complained about overpaying for the EVs.

Further, Tesla stores and delivery centers are filled with crowds to protest based on videos posted on social media. Also, about a dozen police officers were witnessed at the Shanghai complaint.

Additionally, a video shot in Chengdu showed a crowd chanting to return their money and refund their cars. Another one showed some police cars arriving in Beijing to diffuse the crowds. It suggests a vast consumer backlash for the automaker.

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