Threads’ New Feature Unlinks Users’ Posts on IG and FB

Users of the Threads application said a new feature has allowed them to keep their posts off Instagram (IG) and Facebook (FB).

It was reported that many Threads users reported that they have recently been able to prevent their posts from showing on other Meta platforms.

The social media giant is releasing features of the IG app slowly. As a result, some users may not have access to the toggle features yet.

Those with access can remove their posts from Instagram and Facebook through the app’s privacy settings via the “Suggesting posts on other apps” section, where they can uncheck the two toggles for IG and FB.

Users can try updating Threads to see whether the “Suggesting posts” option is already available. As the new feature is still being launched, it might not be available for certain accounts.

IG and FB each have had a “For you on Threads” carousel in recent months. Following users’ complaints, Threads stated in October that it heard users’ grievances shortly before testing the new opt-out toggle.

The feature aimed to boost Threads’ engagement, revitalizing the platform as it seemed to have weakened following its release in July. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said last month that the app has garnered nearly 100 million monthly users.

While not as much as Elon Musk’s more than half a billion monthly users on X, Threads’ growth in the four months appears promising.

Threads App Current Status, Upgrades, and Innovations

Zuckerberg has acknowledged the initial decline in Threads’ users, but he remained optimistic, saying the app has sufficient drive to reach its “final form.”

The Meta boss was confident they could fuel the app’s growth, emphasizing their dedication to its success.

Threads have since unveiled significant updates, introducing a web version, voice posts, and post editing features to enhance the social media platform.

A team of 50 people is also overseeing Threads, ensuring continuous improvements and innovations for an optimal user experience.

In October, the app recorded 33 million daily users, with the usage decline reducing from 78% in July to 28%.

Meanwhile, Musk’s X continued its sharp drop, with usage and downloads seeing a significant downtrend.

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