TikTok Ban Discussed Amid National Security Concerns

TikTok’s ban in the US raised concerns about threats to national security on Monday, as former president Donald Trump opposed the halt, saying it would likely empower Meta’s Facebook platform.

In an interview, Trump asserted that without TikTok, one can make Facebook more significant. He also mentioned that the platform is an enemy of the people.

Additionally, the former president expressed his belief that TikTok still poses a national security risk due to its Chinese ownership. However, he shifted the focus to Facebook, highlighting that the platform faces similar concerns related to privacy and security.

Moreover, recognizing his apprehensions regarding national security and data privacy concerning TikTok, he stated that the platform has positive and negative aspects.

Trump added that many users, especially young kids, love it, and he acknowledged that their reaction would be intense if the platform were removed.

Meanwhile, with TikTok’s uptick in popularity over the past years, US regulators worried that the software would share private user data at the request of the Chinese government.

Furthermore, lawmakers are intensifying their efforts to address worries surrounding the video-streaming app, with distinct legislative proposals suggesting either the divestment of the platform or an outright prohibition.

Additionally, President Joe Biden, the current officeholder, has voiced national security apprehensions regarding TikTok and stated that he would endorse a bill to ban the app if it receives congressional approval.

House GOP Votes with TikTok Ban Amid Trump’s Opposition

House Republicans are pushing for a bill demanding ByteDance to sell TikTok or risk a US ban despite Trump’s opposition.

The House plans to vote on the TikTok bill on Wednesday as GOP aide notes no significant resistance from lawmakers, affirming the current plan.

Furthermore, House Republicans, led by Speaker Mike Johnson, are poised for a rare divergence from the ex-president, who firmly supported the TikTok bill.

Johnson emphasized the bill’s bipartisan significance in countering China, the US’s foremost geopolitical adversary, which is actively jeopardizing the country’s economy and security.

Meanwhile, Trump persistently criticizes Facebook for its role in the 2020 election, maintaining his refusal to concede to President Joe Biden.

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