Unilever Extends Deal with Barry Callebaut

On Wednesday, Unilever rose as it extended its long-term global strategic contract with Barry Callebaut Group for cocoa and chocolate supply.

Its stock price went up by 0.42% to $50.22 per share on June 14.

Back in 2012, Unilever signed a deal with the supplier. The renewed supply contract would primarily focus on delivering chocolate innovations to the company. This will boost the firm’s long-term growth around the globe.

Also, the agreement shows that Barry Callebaut will continue supporting the consumer goods company in its sustainability goals.

Chief Procurement Officer Willem Uijen states that the supplier will help the entity execute growth plans. This includes leading them to more incredible innovation across its ice cream brands like Magnum and Ben & Jerry’s.

Based on Barry Callebaut, President EMEA Rogier van Sligter, the renewed agreement would work on the partnership. Their collaboration has remained over the past decade.

Moreover, he said they are now considered a major consumer goods company’s preferred global supplier and innovation partner. This was led by working closely in all aspects of the partnership. 

In addition, they built a solid supply chain to boost their strength in helping to innovate Unilever. Sligter mentioned that they would continue supporting their partner’s efforts in reaching sustainability targets as they move forward.

Yasso to be Acquired by Unilever

Unilever reported that it entered a contract to acquire Yasso Holdings. It is a prime frozen Greek yogurt brand in the US

The company’s acquisition aligns with boosting the consumer goods firm’s ice cream business group. This frozen Greek yogurt brand joins well-known brands such as Ben & Jerry’s, Magnum, and Talenti.

Additionally, their products respond to the more robust demand for healthier yet indulgent frozen snacks in North America.

According to Yasso CEO Craig Shiesley, they are looking forward to joining Unilever. They are excited to join the significant ice cream and novelty brands.

Furthermore, the transaction would close in 2023’s third quarter since it is subject to regulatory approvals and essential conditions.

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