YouTube and Politically Misleading Videos

YouTube will warn users while posting offensive comments

The giant company Youtube announced that it is launching a new feature. The new system will warn users when they post offensive comments. Youtube will also start testing a feature that enables creators to avoid reading some of their channel’s hurtful comments. According to the company, the new feature will stop bullying on Youtube.

The company will also soon run a survey to give equal opportunity to creators. Their data can help the company better understand why online hate and harassment impact some creators disproportionately.

It is interesting how it works. The feature warns the users who are about to post something offensive in the comments section. Moreover, the message also tells users to check the site’s Community Guidelines if they are unsure if a comment is relevant.

The feature gives users time to reconsider their words

However, a new feature will not prevent a user from posting their comments. If they want to post, they can check the ‘Post Anyway’ option. The new feature gives users time to pause and reconsider their words and actions.

Mashable, Johanna Wright, Vice President of Product Management at YouTube, announced that comments play a crucial role in helping creators connect with their community.

These new platforms intend to stop people from reacting to content with heightened emotion and anger. Instead, it will push users to be more careful in what they say and do.

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According to Youtube, its systems will determine what is considered offensive based on what content gets frequently flagged by users.

The giant company announced that it had boosted daily hate speech comment removals by 46 times in early 2019. In Q4 of 2019, the system terminated 1.8 million channels for violating policies. Above 54,000 terminations were for hate speech.

Furthermore, YouTube announced it is soon launching a new survey. It will ask creators to voluntarily share information about their gender, sexual orientation, race, and ethnicity. With this data collected, YouTube considers it better to examine how content from different communities is treated in search, discovery, and monetization systems.

The company will also look for possible hate, harassment, and discrimination patterns that could harm some communities more than others. The survey will also allow creators to join in some initiatives that YouTube hosts, like #YouTubeBlack creator gatherings.

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