Zoom Adds Virtual Receptionists Who Greets People

Zoom Video Communications Inc. announced new features. They will help information-technology leaders manage employees’ health and safety as people are returning to the offices.

According to the company, the new feature lets people visiting offices and check-in with a remote receptionist who greets people returning at a physical office. Besides, Zoom added another tool which can monitor how many people are in the meeting room at the same time.

The developments show that video communication company is willing to remain valuable after returning to the old life, after months of working remotely during coronavirus pandemic.

According to global chief information of the San Jose, Harry Moseley, new features help companies to remain focused on keeping employees healthy throughout the pandemic.

The receptionist has an audio and video interaction to the visitor

A human receptionist, working remotely, can guide visitors through a temperature check and other health and safety rules if needed.

Let us see how it works. Once a visitor enters a hall, they see a touchscreen monitor with a camera and speaker. They tap a button to start a call with a receptionist. The receptionist has an audio and video interaction to the visitor and allows them to enter the office by remotely unlocking a door.

According to Zoom’s chief informational officer, Harry Moseley, the receptionist doesn’t need to be in an office and can be anywhere. He also says that they can support multiple buildings.

Another feature enables executives to see how many people are in a room simultaneously. It is to ensure that the meeting room doesn’t get overcrowded. But how?

Software integrated into a camera and audio device can be placed underneath a videoconferencing screen in a physical conference room. Therefore, it identifies a person’s outline and counts the number of people in a single room. Zoom dashboard or display outside the physical meeting room shows the data.

Zoom in November hit a record $772.2 million in quarterly sales. It has witnessed a large gain as more and more people became subscribers during the pandemic.

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