Alexa has four new features which make your life easier

A brand of smart speakers developed by Amazon, Amazon Echo has become a part of daily lives. Echo devices connect to the voice-controlled smart personal assistant service Alexa, which will reply if you say “Alexa.”

Amazon Echo helps you secure your house or listen to music while cleaning your home. It can also give you weather alerts. However, now Alexa has four new features for the Echo speaker to make people’s life more comfortable.

For example, Echo has new entertainment routines to better the movie-watching experience on your Fire TV. Besides, users can now use Alexa hands-free in the Amazon Shopping app.

Amazon Echo’s most innovative feature helps Alexa determine whether it should give follow-up suggestions to commands. For example, if the user asks Alexa how long it takes to steep tea, it might say that it needs five minutes and will offer to set a timer for five minutes.

Additionally, if the user asks something about history, Alexa will ask if the user wants to test history knowledge.

Besides, if someone asks Alexa the stock price of a specific company, Alexa will offer some additional information, for example, about intraday high.

If you say you’re grabbing a snack while watching, Alexa will pause the TV and switch on the lights in the kitchen

Your Alexa routines help get you during the day, from waking up to the morning news to switching off the lights at night time. There’s a new routine option that combines Fire TV commands you can create. For instance, if you’re watching a movie and someone says they’re grabbing a snack, Alexa will pause the TV and switch on the smart lights in the kitchen. Besides, when the person says he is back, the voice assistant will switch off the lights and resume the film.

Additionally, you can use the Amazon Shopping app hands-free. You can ask Alexa to search for products, check your order status, and manage your shopping lists.

For example, you can ask Alexa where’s your stuff to navigate to your orders. If you are looking for a product, you should ask Alexa to show you espresso machines.

Additionally, you can now ask Alexa to switch to a different language on your Amazon Echo. You can set your Echo speaker to speak two languages, combining English with German, French, Italian, Spanish, or Japanese. To get started, you should say, Alexa, speak Italian. Alexa will then ask if you’d like it to speak both English and Italian.

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