Amazon launched a new digital drugstore-Amazon Pharmacy

According to the latest news, Amazon is making the most significant progress in the health care industry as it launches Amazon Pharmacy, a new digital drugstore.

Amazon Pharmacy became available to clients on October 17. It works like a traditional drugstore and added special perks for Prime members. For example, a prime member can get free two-day delivery. Amazon Pharmacy accepts most major insurance with the ability to manage orders on its website.

Additionally, there’s also a savings benefit plan for those without insurance. The good thing is that Amazon Pharmacy is giving an 80% discount on generic medications. Meanwhile, it is offering 40% off brand names. According to Amazon, its new service makes it easier for clients to compare prices and buy medicines for home delivery.

According to the senior vice president of North American Consumer for Amazon, Doug Herrington, as most people started working from homes or studying from homes, pharmacy is an essential new device to the Amazon online store.

Significantly, Amazon Pharmacy is an extension of PillPack. The drugstore startup Amazon purchased for above $700 million in 2018.

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PillPack has pharmacy licenses in all 50 states

Furthermore, PillPack has pharmacy licenses in all 50 states. It delivers medicine to clients in sorted doses created in order to make it simple for clients to take various pills a day.

Remarkably, in 2019, signs of an Amazon drug store launch appeared 2019. The giant company Amazon announced that PillPack would exist as a different service for clients managing multiple daily medicines for chronic diseases.

Drugstores have been removed as people have filled fewer medicines in shops throughout the epidemic. Additionally, some doctor’s offices also closed, while many elective plans have been put on hold. Besides, some purchasers have shifted to mail-order medication delivery.

Another essential thing to mention is that Rite Aid and CVS have announced shop changes with a larger emphasis on health services that is more difficult to be replicated online, such are meetings with health care specialists and minor procedures with authorized clinicians.

Additionally, Walmart does not seem to be alarmed by Amazon’s launch. According to John Furner, Walmart CEO, its health and wellness had a good quarter. John Furner also said that the company has comprehensive coverage on delivering medicines around the country.

Furthermore, the nation’s biggest retailer announced in $37.5 billion in sales throughout its latest fiscal last year from its drugstores, optical services, and revenue from OTC drugs as well as other pharmaceutical products.

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