Amazon Updates Alexa Voice Assistant with AI

On Wednesday, Amazon revealed a list of new devices and updated its Alexa voice assistant using generative artificial intelligence (AI).

Its effort aims to attract more consumers to the profitless product as rivalry arises from chatbots such as Google’s Bard.

As a result, Alexa will be able to converse more naturally. It would work without the robotic tone it has been using for almost a decade. Also, it could compose and recite poems according to the demonstration of Amazon in its annual product launch.

In 2014, the e-commerce giant introduced the voice assistant but did not find ways to make it profitable. It is typically accessed through speakers or compatible televisions and can control some home appliances.

Moreover, Amazon worked on updating Alexa after OpenAI’s ChatGPT hype in November. In addition, other chatbots drove an investor frenzy in generative AI startups.

On the other hand, journalists reported that morale among hardware unit workers at Amazon declined. It was brought about by altered strategies and concerns that the firm could not produce popular consumer devices.

The US-based company introduced new versions of children’s Fire tablets at the product launch. Furthermore, it showed the $180.00 Echo Hub wall-mounted touchscreen for home gadget controls.

Additionally, Amazon displayed a new Alexa app feature that can map out internet-connected devices in a user’s home.

Kindle Reports Publishing Limit for Amazon

According to a Kindle community page announcement, Amazon will lower the volume limits for direct publishing.

The advancement of AI and its application to daily lifestyles led to significant publishing control measures in the company. Moreover, the Kindle Direct Publishing Community confirmed the volume limits. It would equate to three new title creations per day.

Based on a statement from Amazon, the company did not see any surge in publishing numbers. However, it still made the move to protect against abuse.

Besides, the e-commerce firm believes that the limitations will affect only a few publishers. Also, it would inform the user that they can seek an exception.

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