Apple and Its Plan to Offer End-To-End Encryption

Apple and Its Plan to Offer End-To-End Encryption

Apple Inc. is a tech giant from the State of California. In 2017, Apple announced its plans to offer its users end-to-end encryption. This way, the U.S. tech giant wanted to solve the problems created by iCloud hacking.

However, the Cupertino-based company had to change its plans after the FBI complained that it would interfere with investigations. 

U.S. President Donald Trump criticized the company as it refused to unlock phones. Moreover, U.S. Attorney General William Barr urged Apple to unlock two Saudi Air Force officers’ iPhones.

Apple and iCloud Backup

Let’s have a look at iCloud backup. For example, iPhones as well as iPads back themselves up to the iCloud on a daily basis. This data goes straight to the iCloud backup. Moreover, Apple can decrypt most of the information stored on the cloud.


In 2016, Apple used this feature to decrypt the phone. However, people should take into consideration that the company treats privacy and security differently between iPhones and iCloud.


Apple does not have access to password-protected iPhones. However, this doesn’t mean the cloud doesn’t take much.


It is possible to decrypt saved messages. Nevertheless, it is impossible to retrieve texts deleted before a backup.


Issues connected with privacy continue to dominate the headlines. Technology companies, in general, are trying to find a balance between security and user privacy.


Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, promised to maintain privacy for exclusive features such as Apple Pay.


The company provides information to legal authorities. However, tech companies can’t access all user data. In the case of Apple, only those with the right keys or passwords have the ability to access all information.


It is a tricky situation. On the one hand, encryption is important to safeguard personal information. On the other hand, it limits the abilities of government and law enforcement.


Founder and CEO of Telegram Pavel Durov described iCloud as a “surveillance tool.” Telegram is the cloud-based encrypting messaging platform.

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