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Spotify Struggles with Apple for iOS Updates in the EU

On Thursday, Spotify aimed to incorporate pricing details directly within the app for European Union (EU) users after alleging that Apple disregarded its previous update request.

The music streaming platform has re-submitted an updated version of its iOS app, intending to offer users in the EU pricing details for subscriptions made outside of Apple’s payment system, pending the iPhone maker’s approval.

According to reports, the latest app version lacks a direct link to subscription plans on Spotify’s website, a move intended to bypass the California-based firm’s 30.00% commission on App Store subscriptions.

Instead, the bloc users must manually access the company’s website via a web browser to buy discounted plans.

According to Spotify, a prior iteration of the application, which included website links, was presented by the firm in the preceding month. Apple declined to endorse the update and, offered no acknowledgment or response to the submission.

Furthermore, the music streaming app states that the current version they seek approval for includes only the essential pricing and website details, in accordance with the European Commission’s directive, which penalized the iPhone maker with a €1.84 billion fine ($2 billion).

Meanwhile, the EU’s ruling followed a four-year investigation into App Store regulations preventing music services from advertising cheaper subscription options outside iOS.

EU’s DMA Pushes Apple as Spotify Denounces Compliance

Apple was compelled by the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) to alter its App Store, allowing third-party app markets and alternative developer fees.

However, Spotify is critical of Apple’s compliance, describing its alternative fee as extortion.

Meanwhile, the bloc’s antitrust lawsuit stands apart from the DMA regulations discussed earlier. Apple has criticized both rulings and plans to appeal the $2 billion fine.

Additionally, the European Commission intervened to prompt Apple to reinstate Epic Games’ developer license, following criticism from Epic CEO Tim Sweeney regarding the iPhone maker’s compliance plans with the DMA, which he termed as hot garbage.

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