Apple Boosts RAM and Storage on iPhone 16 for AI Features

On Monday, insiders claimed that Apple will pack more RAM and storage on the iPhone 16 for on-device artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Based on a leak on X, formerly Twitter, the base iPhone 16 will have superior memory and storage to the iPhone 15 Plus.

Moreover, the California-headquartered company is the only smartphone manufacturer that uses NAND flash-based storage, which offers better access speeds. Industry experts stressed that this memory technology is ideal for developing mobile devices with 256 GB storage.

In addition, there are unconfirmed reports that Apple is negotiating with Google to bring Gemini AI to its flagship product. Gemini was the first large language model (LLM) system that outclassed human experts in Massive Multitask Language Understanding (MMLU).

MMLU is the most popular method tech companies use to measure the problem-solving capabilities of a generative AI (GenAI) system. Gemini 1.0 Ultra boasts an MMLU score of 90.00%, surpassing ChatGPT-4’s 86.40% and the human expert top mark of 89.80%.

Earlier in the year, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed in an earnings call that Apple is working on AI features. Furthermore, the firm recently published a study on how to run LLMs on flash memory to ease the burden on hardware.

Lastly, leakers hinted that the Silicon Valley tech giant may launch the iPhone 16 alongside iOS 18.

iPhone 16 to Position Apple Back on AI Arms Race

Apple expects the iPhone 16 to put the brand back on top of the mobile device AI arms race. The release of the iPhone 15 last year disappointed many tech enthusiasts due to its lack of GenAI functions.

Meanwhile, Google’s Pixel 8 and Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series were designed to accommodate large LLM systems, including OpenAI’s ChatGPT. According to smartphone specialists, the tech giant lost a considerable market share, with even loyalists lamenting the lack of innovation.

Analysts stressed that the iPhone 16 needs new GenAI features to stabilize Apple as the leader in smart mobile devices. For instance, Galaxy S24 phones have a live interpreter feature that calls between individuals speaking different languages.

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