BlackRock Cuts Off Portion of Workforce After Recent Growth

On Wednesday, BlackRock slashed 3.00% of its workforce following a year of volatility in the market and economy.

Chief Executive Officer Larry Fink and President Rob Kapito said the firm would change the number of employees. This alteration led the significant growth in recent years.

Additionally, 500 members of manpower will leave the asset manager as they relocate their resources to their most crucial opportunities.

According to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the company has 19,900 employees as of September. 

Within the past three years, BlackRock has $8.00 trillion in assets under its management, while the staff count grew by 22.00%.

Moreover, the labor force cut followed after Chief Financial Officer Gary Shedlin said the firm froze hiring and reduced expenses. This move mirrors the period of computation that 2023 could represent for many global asset managers forced to cost-cut.

Further, the asset manager said in a memo that equity and fixed income went down massively. It is because the entity has to face market volatility and uncertainty.

In October, BlackRock halted voluntary hiring after it reported a drop in profits and assets in the fiscal third quarter.

Also, other financial services sector companies like Goldman Sachs are taking on cost-cutting measures and plans to lay off staff.

Vanguard and BlackRock’s ETFs Rose

iShares of BlackRock exchange-traded funds earned more net flows than Vanguard’s ETFs the previous year. It positioned the world’s biggest asset manager at the top for the first time in 2019. However, mutual funds’ total estimated net flows globally amounted to $745.00 billion, lower than the $1.20 trillion from 2021.

Despite annual declines, ETFs’ net flows globally and in the US were the second-highest last year after BlackRock bounced back.

According to analysts, Vanguard’s ETFs, which is $214.00 billion, are still lower than BlackRock’s global iShare funds of $220.00 billion. Yet, Vanguard’s exchange-traded funds had been higher in the previous two years.


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