BMW Unveils the Vision Neue Klasse X SAV with 3D Grille

On Friday, Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) revealed details on the Vision Neue Klasse X, its next-gen electric vehicle (EV) with a 3D grille.

The Neue Klasse series marks the third phase of the Munich-headquartered company’s future EV lineup, which will be released in 2025. In the fall, the brand released the Neue Klasse standard utility vehicle (SUV), which utilizes a new battery and electric architecture.

In comparison, the Vision Neue Klasse X sport activity vehicle (SAV) possesses specs a step above its SUV counterpart. It has a three-dimensional version of the signature BMW kidney-shaped grill, with vertically aligned and backlit corridors.

Moreover, the grille automatically lights up when the driver is within a set proximity of the electric vehicle. However, critics claimed that the component is mostly pointless since EVs do not have an internal combustion engine.

BMW said the concept car utilizes new tire and brake technologies that boost its energy efficiency by nearly 25.00%. In addition, it boasts a revamped structure that improves its aerodynamics, reducing drag by 20.00%.

Vision Neue Klasse X SAV will be the company’s first EV to have four supercomputers, which the brand dubbed super-brains. BM Management Board member Frank Weber said the four super-brains collaborate to reduce the driver’s workload.

Vision Neue Klasse X to Redefine the BMW Brand

According to BMW Management Board Chairman Oliver Zipse, the Vision Neue Klasse X represents the future of the German carmaker. The SAV is the carmaker’s first EV to use its round cell battery technology, which it has been developing alongside solid-state batteries.

Zipse added that round cells contain over 20.00% higher energy density compared to the prismatic cells most EVs use. Combined with the SAV’s 800-volt architecture, the battery can cut charging times by up to 30.00%.

BMW emphasized that the Vision Neue Klasse X can gain 186 miles (300.00 kilometers) in mileage per 10 minutes of charging. Hence, the model can deliver approximately 30.00% more range than the car manufacturer’s most powerful SUVs.

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