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Asian Stocks Surge on Potential ECB, BoC Rate Cuts

Asian stocks traded in the green on Monday as investors expect monetary policy relief from Europe and potentially Canada this week, but stubborn inflation keeps the possibility of interest rates staying higher for longer. MSCI’s

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Financial News: S&P 500 Hits 4,200, Major Mergers Announced

Quick Overview S&P 500 Decline: Fell 0.7%, reflecting market concerns about economic conditions and Federal Reserve actions. Dow Jones Drop: Plummeted 1% (400 points), driven by rising Treasury yields and poor government debt auction results.

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Nio Lifts on Expected Record Deliveries Amid BaaS Discounts

On Thursday, Nio ADR’s shares soared on predictions of all-time high deliveries in May after battery-as-a-service (BaaS) discounts boosted sales. The Shanghai-based electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer’s stock surged 9.33% to $5.39 per share on May

American Airlines’
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American Airlines Stock Sinks as Sales Strategy Backfires

American Airlines Group’s shares plunged on Wednesday after the carrier’s ineffective sales strategy led to capacity growth guidance cuts. The Texas-headquartered airline’s stock tumbled 13.54% to $11.62 per share on May 28, extending the 2.89%

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Record High for Nasdaq; Kashkari Eyes Inflation Data

Key Points Nasdaq Record: Nasdaq Composite closed above 17,000 for the first time, driven by Nvidia; the S&P 500 edged up 0.02%, and Dow Jones fell over 200 points. Fed’s Inflation Data: Neel Kashkari’s remarks,

TMN - GameStop
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GameStop Shares Skyrocket by 25% in One Day

The Overview GameStop Surge: GameStop stock surged 25% after raising nearly $1 billion from an equity offering. Meme Stock Mania: Driven by online hype, particularly from Reddit’s WSB, defying traditional valuation metrics. Strategic Move: GameStop’s

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Nvidia Surges: $1 Trillion Market Cap Milestone in a Week

Quick Overview Historic Stock Milestone: Nvidia’s stock soared past $1,100, closing at $1,140. Boost from xAI Funding: xAI’s $6B funding led to an 8% spike in Nvidia’s stock. Quarterly Financial Growth: Earnings up 461%, revenue