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Baidu Sues Apple amid Ernie App Knockoffs

Tech giant from China, Baidu, is going after Apple and other app developers due to the creation of fake copies of Ernie AI chatbot. Its stock price went down by -4.13% to $139.00 on Monday.

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Conagra Stocks Rose Amid Bright FQ3 2023 Results

On Thursday, the stock price of Conagra is projected to further increase. The company’s strong fiscal third quarter 2023 earnings report triggered the rally. The maker of Slim Jim meat snacks rose by 1.84% to

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Tesla Achieves Strong Production amid Challenges

On Wednesday, Tesla rose in its afterhours followed by an announcement of impressive production and sales in China. The company’s stock price went down by -1.12% to $192.58 per share on Tuesday. However, it is

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WWE Confirms Acquisition Deal with Endeavor

On Monday, shares of WWE or World Wrestling Entertainment went down as it agreed on its sales to the Endeavor Group. Its stock price fell by -2.15% to $89.30 per share on April 03. However,

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Netflix Climbed amid Movie Output Slash and Layoffs

On Friday, shares of Netflix Inc went up in its US trading after analysts reported that the streaming giant is regulating its film sector. The company’s stock price increased by 2.08% to $345.48 apiece on

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Home Depot CFO Reports Rising House Improvements

On Thursday, CFO of Home Depot, Richard McPhail said that the housing developments conditions for the medium to long term are better. The company’s stock price increased by 0.71% to $285.36 per share on March