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Understanding the 3 Common Types of Bankruptcies
Trading Education

Understanding the 3 Common Types of Bankruptcies

Bankruptcy can support a business or individual buried in debt, letting them work with creditors and start anew. For creditors, bankruptcy presents an opportunity to collect debts that they would have otherwise written off. While

An Overview to Different Types of Stock and How They Work
Trading Education

Overview to Different Types of Stock How They Work

Stocks are one of the essential parts of investing. So whether you’re looking to invest in individual stocks or mutual and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that hold shares of different companies, here is some crucial information

Trading Education

Understanding Basic Concepts & Complexities Options

Options are derivative contracts that provide you the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset at an agreed-upon price in the future. If utilized properly, options are excellent for generating

 IG Group Records Strong Revenues for Q1 FY22
Beginner Level Trading

How to Use a Stock Market Crash To Your Advantage

Stock market crashes are inevitable, and they can really do some damage to investors’ portfolios. On the bright side, a market crash offers specific opportunities that could increase investors’ gains. Market history has shown that

Trading Education

7 Common Misconceptions About SIPs Explained

A systematic investment plan (SIP) involves a disciplined approach to investing, in which investors make consistent, regular payments in a mutual fund over a certain period to build wealth in the long term. As more

Exploring the Basics of Alternative Investments
Trading Education

4 Things Your Investment Portfolio Needs in 2022

The markets had a great year in 2021. Stocks were up to new record highs, driving investors’ wealth further up. However, with the recent developments in the ongoing global health crisis, investors worldwide grew concerned,

Trading Education

5 Investments to Help You Combat Inflation

Inflation is a broad, sustained trend of soaring prices that has long been an essential part of investors’ lives. You hear about price increases in the news, you see them at the markets, and you

Stock Market Sectors
Trading Education

A Look Into The 11 Stock Market Sectors

Stock market sectors put the stock market under different companies, depending on their primary businesses. That way, investors can adequately diversify their investments and gain a good grasp of the performance in various segments of

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