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Digital Currency, bitcoin, Brits bought more crypto than shares last year
Advanced Level Trading

A Look at the Different Types of Cryptocurrencies

It’s important not to confuse cryptocurrencies with the terms “tokens” and “coins” as they have specific differences that distinguish them from one another. While they share the premise of exchanging value between parties, cryptos have

Beginner Level Trading

Simple vs Compound Interest: Their Differences and Usage

Simple interest does not factor in the interest from previous years and only includes the original principal amount in the calculation. That differs from compound interest, which takes the original amount invested or borrowed and

Explaining CFDs
Beginner Level Trading

A Look at CFD Trading and How It Works

Contract for differences (CFDs) is a popular alternative to spread betting, allowing traders to pursue potentially profitable opportunities in a range of asset classes, including currency pairs, commodities, and stocks. While CFDs open a world

Beginner Level Trading

Understanding a Stock Market Index and Tracker Funds

Stock market indices like the US’s S&P 500 or the UK’s FTSE 100 represent a crucial part of investing. That’s because they serve as financial measures that present the changing wealth of a particular set

Experienced Level Trading

Inflation and Its Impact on Your Purchasing Power

Inflation can make everybody’s money go less further than it used to. It is an economic condition where prices of goods and services are slowly increasing, and the purchasing power of your money gradually drops

Small suggestions for stock investing, part 2
Beginner Level Trading

Protecting Your Portfolio with Defensive Investing

The economic and political uncertainties have made it challenging for investors due to the highly volatile situation they created in the global stock markets. As market players worry about a potential recession worldwide, investors could

Forex or Stock trading
Beginner Level Trading

Is it Okay to Use Mobile Trading Platforms?

In some circles, mobile trading and investing applications get a bad reputation because they are more basic than terminals. However, there’s also the fact that people are spending much more time on their phones nowadays.