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Best companies to invest – Facebook and Fastly
Beginner Level Trading

What It Means When the Stock Market Is In Correction

Corrections are normal occurrences in the stock markets. While they are described as a sustained decline in value or price, corrections generally last for a short time. That is why you’re better off staying invested

Small suggestions for stock investing, part 2
Beginner Level Trading

6 Essential Things in Investing for the Long Term

With concerns about a potential economic slowdown and global recession, it’s important to ensure that your money grows as much as possible. Professional investors understand that holding different assets can help create a long-term strategy

Beginner Level Trading

Exploring the Basics of Blockchain Sharding

Sharding is a method that scales applications so they can support more data. While it has been applied to many modern circumstances, its application to the blockchain and cryptocurrency space is still pretty new. Sharding

Trading Education

Understanding Futures Contract Trading

Investors are trading futures to speculate or hedge on the price direction of a security or commodity. In doing so, traders are purchasing a futures contract. Understanding Futures Futures, also known as futures contracts, are

Beginner Level Trading

3 Things You Need to Choose the Right Financial Advisor

Financial advisors are your best option if you need a specialist’s perspective on complex financial activities, such as investing or applying for a mortgage or pension benefits. Professional financial consultations can be pretty expensive, although

Advanced Level Trading

Understanding the Meaning and Job of an Angel Investor

Angel investors not only provide capital for emerging companies, but they also become involved in a business that could have excellent long-term growth potential. Angel investors may or may not be accredited players of the

Advanced Level Trading

Quantitative Tightening: Keeping Economic Growth In Check

The 2007-2009 Great Recession saw US economic activity cooling down at a point that it called for some performance boost. Fast forward to present times, and the world’s largest economy has received a considerable amount

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