ChatGPT Challenged by Elon Musk

On Monday, Elon Musk announced that he would launch an artificial intelligence (AI) platform to challenge the Microsoft-backed ChatGPT.

He calls the AI platform TruthGPT. Also, he accused OpenAI of training artificial intelligence to lie and has become a closed-source, for-profit organization.

Moreover, Musk claimed that the co-founder of Google, Larry Page, is not taking AI safety seriously. He mentioned in an interview that he would start a leading truth-seeking platform that tries to understand the universe’s nature.

According to him, TruthGPT is the best option for safety since it is unlikely to be destructive to humans. However, he added that it’s starting late but will create a third option.

Furthermore, the billionaire has been plundering AI researchers from Alphabet Inc’s Google to launch a startup against ChatGPT. Based on a state filing, he registered a firm called X.AI Corp from Nevada last month.

During an interview, Musk mentioned his warning about AI, saying it is more dangerous than faulty production.

He said that it could potentially destroy civilization. For instance, a super-advanced AI can write incredibly well and is capable of manipulating public opinions.

In addition, Microsoft, wherein ChatGPT is based, reported a multi-billion-dollar OpenAI investment. It will heighten the rivalry with Google and feed the race to attract AI funding.

Research Proved how Smart ChatGPT is

A wave of academic research placed ChatGPT in the finance sector and was impressed with the results.

Also, ChatGPT managed to ace tests and suggests a considerable step forward in using this technology. For example, they can utilize it to turn news article texts into tweets and speeches into trading signals.

Besides, the platform can explain its classifications of Fed policy statements. It did it in a way that is similar to the central bank’s analysts. It interprets the language to be like a human benchmark in the study.

ChatGPT displayed a statistical connection to the stock’s subsequent moves in another research. It hints that the tech can adequately examine the implications of the news.

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