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Google Offers Free Tech Training to US Business

Alphabet Inc’s Google announced on Monday that it would provide over $100,000 worth of online courses for free to any US business.

The search giant explained that the training focuses on data analytics and the development of other tech skills.

Accordingly, this offer marks a significant expansion of Google’s Career Certificates, which started in 2018. The program aims to help people across the globe to boost their resumes by learning new tools at their own pace.

There are already 70,000 people in the United States and 205,000 worldwide who have earned at least one certificate. Then, 75.00% of the users receive a benefit such as a new job or higher pay within six months. At the same time, the tech titan noted that 55.00% of its graduates identified as Asian, Black, or Latino.

Google designed each course and sold it through the online education service Coursera Inc. Each program typically costs students about $39.00 per month and takes three to six months to finish.

Correspondingly, the technology giant will now cover the fee for up to 500 workers at any US business. The initiative holds a value of $100,000.00, as people usually take up to six months to finish.

The latest move is a part of Grow with Google, the company’s unit overseeing certificates. Its founder Lisa Gevelber said that course completion rates are higher when people pay out of pocket. Nevertheless, the latest step was still worthwhile as it could help companies gain a digital advantage.

Moreover, the certificates also are available in IT support, project management, e-commerce, and digital marketing. The training covers popular software in each field, including Google advertising services.

Google’s Internal Battle Over AI Research

Meanwhile, on the same day, Google announced that it had recently fired a senior engineering manager. The decision came after other workers accused the official of harassing behavior. The dismissed employee has landmark research on artificial intelligence software.

Google researcher Anna Goldie first reported the firing. She cited that Chanchal Chatterjee had harassed her and Azalia Mirhoseini for years by spreading misinformation about them.

Correspondingly, this dispute threatens to undermine the reputation of the company’s research to automate chip design. In addition, it could disrupt the flow of millions of dollars in government grants for studies into AI and chips.

Since 2020, Google’s research unit has grappled with scrutiny. Its employees submitted open critiques about handling personnel complaints and publication practices.

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