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Google to Refine Pursuance of Children’s Ads Policy

Alphabet Inc.’s Google said that it would heighten its enforcement of an age-sensitive ad policy in conformance with UK regulations.

The move came after reports found advertisements for sex toys, liquor, and high-risk investments in its search engine.

Correspondingly, the tech giant responded to address the issue immediately. It also explained there is a mislabelling with the age-sensitive ads.

However, the firm declined to elaborate on the adjustments it will take.

Last September, Britain posted regulations to protect children in the online space.

In response to the ruling, Google began modifying settings across its services in Europe and elsewhere for users under 18 years old.

Accordingly, in August, it had expanded safeguards to prevent age-sensitive ad categories from being shown to children.

It specifically created automated tools for those not logged in to a Google account or confirmed to be at least 18.

This function will stop showing ads related to categories such as alcohol, gambling, and prescription drugs.

At the same time, it also included the ability for underage users to request the removal of their images from Google Image results.

Moreover, the search engine giant also modified YouTube’s default upload mode for those aged 13-17.

Google’s Conformance to UK Children’s Code

Google emphasized that its age-sensitive ads filter strictly adheres with the UK Children’s Code.

The policy requires online services to meet 15 design and privacy standards to protect young people. The code restricts the collection of location and other personal information of children.

Subsequently, the British Information Commissioner’s Office said they have already reached out to social media companies to review their compliance.

Google advertising rivals Meta Platforms Inc’s Facebook and Microsoft Corp ban many categories of age-sensitive ads altogether.

They also placed responsibility on advertisers to target their ads to limit exposure to minors.

Consequently, advocacy groups campaigned that tech firms must regularly publish internal research on observing the code.

Meanwhile, the issue unmoved the stocks of Alphabet Inc. in the extended trading. It slightly gained 0.02% or 0.41 points to $2,702.74 per share.

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