hottest technological stocks of the market for 2020

Hottest Technological Stocks of the market for 2020

2020 made many new to the global market. Iran tensions are rising, the United States presidential election is on the horizon, and the trade war with China continues. Be the recent events, and tech investors are worries. Thus, there is a possibility they might want to shift their interest to other stocks.


Nevertheless, there are tech stocks that are unfazed and do not take account of what is going. They have the potential for future growth without elevated risk.


Here we will talk about the top three.

Twitter: The Social Media Giant

Twitter is the social media giant. The company expects to become a massive beneficiary of a double-digit rise in its ad spending. In theory, the advertiser plans to spend a total of USD341 billion in 2020. Twitter will be a big winner if its user base continues to grow, that is what the Wall Street firm analysts suggest. Bank of America is calling for a 25% upside in shares, with a USD40 price target.


Driven by growth in its cloud business, 2019 was not so bad for Adobe as it finished up 44%. In 2020, the subscription growth is expected to double. Thus, providing corporate customers and consumers with its popular software solutions, Adobe has been successfully riding the cloud computing trend. For 2020, Wall Street experts that are analyzing the adobe stock market suggest that the most bullish shares will hit USD410 in 2020, thus, representing a 23% surge.


AMD stocks ended the year with a massive 140%. And now in 2020, it is already trading even higher. The company also forecasts to go higher, at the moment. In 2020, the Wall Street investment firm predicts even more success. Against Intel, AMD’s competitive position strengthens further thanks to new product launches.


Let’s hope this growth won’t stop till the end of 2020.

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