Huawei Pura 70 Smartphone Series Uses More China-Made Parts

On Wednesday, tech experts revealed that the new high-end Huawei Pura 70 smartphone series contains more China-sourced components.

Released on April 18, the first batch of the Shenzhen-headquartered firm’s new flagship series sold out in the first minute. Industry watchers predict that production issues aside, the brand may sell over 10 million Pura 70 handsets in China.

Smartphone specialists examined all four models and determined their proportion of domestically produced components exceeded their Mate 60 counterparts. The testers claimed that less than 10.00% of the Pura 70’s parts come from abroad, indicating China’s growing technology self-sufficiency.

In addition, they identified that the new models use a NAND memory chip manufactured by HiSilicon, Huawei’s in-house chipmaker. Moreover, they utilize the Kirin 9010, a new 12-core processing chipset produced by China-based chip foundry Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp.

However, teardown technicians argued that a 100.00% China-sourced smartphone is still several years away despite mounting support from Beijing. For instance, the Pura 70 still contains the same DRAM chip used by the Mate 60, which South Korea’s SK Hynix manufactured.

Nevertheless, analysts acknowledged that the new Huawei handsets bring China closer to completely phasing out Apple iPhones. In December last year, the PRC expanded its ban on using iPhones in government offices and selected state-owned premises.

Pura 70 to Allow Huawei to Block iPhones in China

The Pura 70 series is Huawei’s second iPhone challenger, following the Mate 60 series released last year. Its release solidified the brand’s reentry into the high-end smartphone market after four years of absence due to US tech sections.

Head-to-head, the Pura 70 Ultra has 100.00% more RAM at 16GB and 58.83% more battery capacity at 5200 mAh than the iPhone 15 Pro. The former also has double the number of CPU cores at 12 and supports 334.78% higher wattage charging at 100W.

Lastly, the Huawei Pura 70 offers several unique features, including 960FPS slow-motion recording and a 3.5x optical zoom rear camera.

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