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IBM's AI service will offer firms climate change analysis

IBM’s AI Service Will Offer Firms Climate Change Analysis

According to the latest news, IBM launched the Environmental Intelligence Suite. It is a set of AI powered software that individuals can use to prepare for climate risks obstructing operations. The Environmental Intelligence Suite combines artificial intelligence, weather data, climate risk analytics, and carbon accounting capabilities to help organizations assess their impact on the planet. Remarkably, it also reduces the complexity of regulatory compliance.

As we know, organizations are facing climate-related damage to their assets. They are also facing expectations from customers to perform as environmental leaders. McKinsey, a management consulting firm, predicts that climate change could mean more disruptions in global supply chains. The company also says that it will also interrupt production and increase costs and prices. Meanwhile, the latest studies from GreenPrint and others showed that consumers are seeking out environmentally friendly products. They are also ready to pay a premium for it.

Companies Generate Data with AI

With the help of AI services, companies can generate data on future wildfire and flooding dangers. Furthermore, the EIS leverages existing weather data from IBM and technologies developed by IBM Research. Via APIs, dashboards, maps, and alerts, the platform gives guidance to address immediate challenges and long-term planning and strategies. The platform also helps climate and data scientists analyze environmental datasets and use a new climate risk modelling framework. With a new climate risk modelling framework, they generate data on future wildfire and flooding dangers. Moreover, they can tap natural language processing and automation features aimed to help estimate carbon emissions and identify risks for reduction.

According to IBM’s general manager of AI applications and blockchain Kareem Yusuf, IBM is bringing together the power of AI and hybrid cloud. Therefore, it provides businesses with environmental intelligence aimed to help them improve environmental performance. The platform can also create more efficient business operations to reduce resource consumption as well as plan for resiliency in the face of climate disruptions.

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