Instagram Launches New Broadcast Channels Feature for Meta

On Thursday, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on his Instagram account that he would create his own channel on the platform.

As a result, the social media application will roll out a new feature, broadcast channels. It lets users send text and photo updates directly to followers. The channel provides another way to share posts without cluttering their feed.

According to Zuckerberg, the feature started to upload news and updates about tech and products being built at Meta. He added that it is where he would share his news first.

Moreover, the Facebook-parent company is advertising the new development as a tool for creators to reach more people. This gives another method for content makers to reach out, skipping the sole reliance on its feed algorithm.

With TikTok as their rival, Instagram has become Meta’s most important service in recent years. It has been a significant revenue driver responsible for the latter’s business growth.

It gains more importance as the company’s broader focus on building the metaverse has been expensive.

Also, the launch is significant for Zuckerberg’s business since he said 2023 would be an efficient year. Besides, he pledged to cut middle managers to prioritize helping the company move faster.

Notifications Button Tweak Receives Backlash

After an update last year, Instagram changed its layout again. Previously, the Reels button was at the center of the bottom tab. 

Currently, the post button is back to its original spot, as the Reels replaced the notifications section. Unfortunately, changing their positions caused a lot of backlashes from users.

According to analysts, they keep clicking up Reels by accident. Others have speculated that the switch-up is a tactic to increase engagement on Instagram’s short videos.

While the platform’s reason remains unclear, analysts said placing the direct message and notifications buttons together makes sense. Additionally, they are the only buttons that display red badges, making their placements work.

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