MetaShooter partners with Polygon Studios

MetaShooter’s blog post explains that this offers an incredible opportunity for people to improve the quality of their work overall and widen the scope of their involvement in the community.
MetaShooter & Polygon Studios have revealed how the collaboration will influence the game.
The new collab allows MetaShooter players to move their assets to other games. Moreover, they’ll be able to sell them on marketplaces and more.
Some highlights suggest that players can export and use the assets acquired from MetaShooter in other games by Polygon Studios.
Moreover, players can likewise sell their assets on OpenSea and different marketplaces that Polygon supports.
The alliance also strives to decrease the asset buying cost in metaverses.
Furthermore, in the future, users will be able to transfer their assets within metaverses and chains, and exchanges within the Polygon ecosystem will be more comfortable.
The two companies have further decided to seek options for uniting technologies, expanding the metaverse, increasing interoperability, and donating to the growth of GameFi.
The official post stated that this union is an extension of their shared purpose to influence society with the power of blockchain gaming and entertainment. New partners said that it is crucial to why they have formed this alliance.

MetaShooter Explained

Shortly said, MetaShooter is the pioneer of hunting metaverse, based on a decentralized blockchain. It strives to provide a life-like hunting experience, where users are hunters, and they can monetize on it.
However, it is worth noting that there will be much competition in the future as the count of new and migrated projects increases on the Polygon.

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