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Microsoft Offers Be My Eyes AI, VA for Blind Users

In collaboration with Be My Eyes’ virtual assistant (VA) app, Microsoft supports blind users in resolving issues without human agents.

Microsoft and Be My Eyes collaborate for enhanced customer service with ChatGPT-4, prioritizing a superior experience for visually impaired users. The tech giant integrates Be My AI’s app into its Disability Answer Desk, empowering visually impaired users to address technical issues independently.

Furthermore, after Microsoft tested the tool earlier this year, Be My Eyes said the tool fixed issues in four minutes on average. Additionally, only 10% opt for human customer service post-artificial intelligence (AI) interaction, highlighting the effectiveness and preference for automated support solutions.

Established in 2015, Be My Eyes links visually impaired individuals with sighted volunteers, enabling assistance with impossible tasks. The startup also has Be My AI, an OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4-powered to describe photos taken by users, aiding in tasks like product identification.

Meanwhile, Be My Eyes CEO Mike Buckley disclosed its beta-testing of the AI tool with corporations like Sony, Procter & Gamble, and Hilton.

OpenAI’s chief operating officer (COO), Brad Lightcap, said that the AI-led company is proud to work with Be My Eyes. The startup used OpenAI’s models to assist those with low vision or blindness in their everyday lives, Lightcap added.

Be My Eyes Noble Results for Microsoft

This month, Microsoft Disability Answer Desk users leverage Be My AI for tasks, from Excel to laptop reboots, facilitating accessibility.

AI now processes image inputs, a groundbreaking step enhancing customer service for those with disabilities, marking a pioneering approach in accessibility. The global deployment achieves impressive early outcomes, aligning with Be My Eyes’ 3S Success Criteria.

According to reports, Be My AI’s success rate is 90% in resolving issues for the Redmond, Washington-based software giant. Concurrently, it averaged four minutes on resolving issues from 12 minutes to live agents and 4.85 out of five stars of user satisfaction.

Mike Buckley appreciates Microsoft’s leadership for collaborating on Be My AI, advancing their mission to enhance global accessibility.

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