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OpenAI, FT Merger Aims to Acquire ChatGPT’s Credible Sources

On Monday, OpenAI’s recent strategic alliance with the Financial Times (FT) is set to ignite a new era of innovation.

This partnership is poised to develop cutting-edge products and features for the readers of the UK-based daily newspaper, sparking optimism among artificial intelligence (AI) and media professionals.

As part of this collaboration, OpenAI’s ChatGPT will gain a wealth of knowledge, with access to set summaries, quotes, and links to FT reports, opening up new possibilities for AI-driven insights.

The collaboration aims to enhance the chatbot to obtain real-time and credible sources – an issue that has been prevalent with debate in the AI and media landscapes.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, FT shared that it has been a customer of the Microsoft-backed firm enterprise version, which all its employees can access for creativity and productivity gains.

Under the leadership of CEO Sam Altman, the San Francisco-based company has made significant strides in promoting its ChatGPT enterprise offerings. His persuasive efforts have attracted Fortune 500 companies, instilling confidence in the product’s capabilities.

On the other hand, FT Group chair John Riddin described the agreement as vital in various ways, including advancing how people get and use information.

Meanwhile, OpenAI is grappling with a severe privacy complaint in Austria. A local advocacy group has alleged that OpenAI’s ChatGPT is disseminating false information, potentially violating European Union data regulations.

The New York Times Charged OpenAI Amid Partnership Success

In December, the New York Times was the first significant US media group to charge OpenAI for allegedly using the firm’s news articles to train its chatbots.

The case remains open even though the companies involved have motioned to dismiss the allegations proposed by the other since it started.

However, the AI developer’s recent moves, like collaborating with the American Journalism Project to help local news initiatives and with the Association Press, show the firm’s desire to acquire proper authorization in the media landscape.

Furthermore, OpenAI partnered with Le Monde and Spanish Prisa Media last month to produce French and Spanish news topics for ChatGPT.

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