Starbucks Announced Q2 Results which Topped Estimates

On Tuesday, Starbucks reported its fiscal second quarter 2023 results after the market close, surpassing forecasts.

Its stock price declined by -0.09% to $114.46 per share on May 02. Likewise, it is expected to go down by -5.47% to $108.20 apiece in the upcoming session.

The earnings per share of the coffee giant plunged to $0.74, beating the expert’s $0.65 consensus. Still, it is lower than the former $0.75 data.

Shares dropped by 5.60% in the extended trading after executives acknowledged its whole fiscal-year outlook.

Moreover, the revenue of Starbucks remained at $8.70 billion, yet exceeding the $8.40 billion expectations.

Furthermore, the firm announced a fiscal Q2 net income of $908.30 million or $0.79 per share. It is higher than the $674.50 million or $0.58 apiece from the previous year.

Net sales of Starbucks rose by 14.20% to $8.72 billion. Its same-store sales jumped by 11.00% in the quarter, beating analysts’ 7.10% estimates. In addition, both the US and international markets exceeded expectations.

Also, the coffee chain’s same-store sales from outside the US had a 7.00% improvement.

According to the entity, its active US loyalty program members earned 15.00% from last year’s period. They reached 30.80 million in the quarter that ended on April 02.

Chinese Recovery Helped Starbucks

Exceeding estimates were primarily led by a sharp recovery in business in China, which helped Starbucks. Since most of China’s COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, consumer mobility and spending rebounded in March.

According to experts, China’s recovery was better than the company expected. This led to estimates that growth in average weekly sales would have a more moderate pace.

They added that some Starbucks investors took profits after its stock increased by 16.00% in the past five weeks.

Additionally, it is building more coffee shops, adding 100 new stores in North America and 360 internationally.

Besides, its customers are typically younger, wealthier, and unbothered by inflation. They doubled down on its products, boosting traffic in the US.

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