Tesla Revoked Some Drivers for Not Paying Attention

The giant company Tesla has expanded its full self-driving software to nearly 2,000 Tesla owners. However, according to Tesla’s billionaire CEO Elon Musk, some drivers were revoked access for not paying close enough attention to the road.

Elon Musk announced that they expanded the FSD Beta. They’ve also revoked beta where drivers did not pay enough attention to the road.

It’s unknown how many drivers lost access from the beta software.

Remarkably, Tesla released the beta version of full self-driving in October 2020. Tesla’s use of the term full self-driving has long been controversial and criticized by independent vehicle experts. To most experts, full self-driving means a vehicle in which an individual could safely fall asleep behind the wheel. The vehicle doesn’t need an attentive human driver.

The news comes after reports that a letter was sent in February from the National Transportation Safety Board to the National Highway Traffic Safety calling for more stringent requirements on autonomous driving testing on public roads.

The Software’s Next Significant Release Would Be the Following Month


Tesla enthusiast and Model 3 owner recently posted a video of him putting his Model 3 through an extreme stress test. The Tesla owner took his Model 3 to a busy part of town. FSD Beta encountered one edge case after another. Some of the edge cases even involved conditions that would aggravate even human drivers.

FSD Beta coped with numerous challenges, from four-way intersections to multiple pedestrians to streets with double-parked cars. Furthermore, in one part of the stress test, the advanced driver-assist system had to navigate narrow streets with double-parked vehicles from both sides and oncoming traffic simultaneously. The FSD Beta coped with these edge cases pretty well, requiring no intervention from the Model 3 driver.

Earlier in March, Elon Musk revealed his plans to double the size of Tesla’s beta testing program with version 8.2 and nearly ten times the number of testers with version 8.3. He then later added the software’s next significant release would be the following month.

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