Tesla Rose in Afterhours Despite NHTSA Legal Concerns

On Friday, Tesla went up after hours despite facing legal challenges from The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Its stock price declined by -5.06% to $245.01 per share in September 01. However, it is expected to increase by 0.10% to $245.25 apiece in the upcoming session.

The NHTSA sent the electric vehicle maker a notice for more information on the company’s driver monitoring system alterations. On Tuesday, they mentioned that the system is a significant part of the firm’s autopilot software.

Furthermore, the administration is concerned about the software update of Tesla. The upgrade extends how long drivers can use it without applying force to the steering wheel.

Also, US regulators are anxious that the easing of controls could increase the risk of drivers’ inattentiveness. In addition, it might increase worries of inadequate supervision of the autopilot system of Tesla.

Lengthening the EV maker’s list of challenges, it is bound to face legal proceedings this month and in October. It would deal with allegations that claim that its Full Self-Driving (FSD) autopilot feature was accountable for severe accidents.

Two legal trials involved the EV maker’s Model 3 allegedly causing accidents on two separate occasions. One of which resulted in the driver’s death. However, Tesla denied responsibility for both unfortunate instances.

Model 3 Update of Tesla Displayed in Beijing

The famous electric vehicle maker, Tesla, displayed its restyled China-made Model 3 sedan at a public trade fair in Beijing.

It showed off a flame-red vehicle version, the first change to its mass-market car lineup.

Also, the Model 3’s launch was considered the first time Tesla rolled out a car in China before the US. It emphasized its increased reliance on the country in a race for market share with BYD.

In addition, the EV is built at Tesla’s Shanghai plant. It will be exported to other markets in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Furthermore, some new features include a rear display for back-seat passengers aimed at Chinese buyers.

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