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The Popular Loom Network Explains Concerning Leaks Published

The Popular Loom Network Explains Concerning Leaks Published

 The leak claimed that the project, and possibly the whole Loom Network, no longer actively being developed. The previous employee, who has not worked for the company in more than a year, declared that the issues predominantly originated from Loom’s former CEO, Matthew Campbell. Campbell resigned Loom in Feb. 2020 and was superseded by a new CEO.

Dilanka’s claims

A Sept. 24 tweet from tech expert Bruno Skvorc informed the public of an email sent out to the Relentless project’s supporters.

Alleged employee Dilanka stated that both projects were gone, or at the very least, currently on life support amid an abhorrent axis centered on healthcare.

Loom sent its original coin offering, or ICO, in 2018. On May 9, 2020, rumors scattered about Loom’s implied demise, as proven by a shortage of communication from the project on numerous channels.

Loom replied to the article viaTwitter, stating the company was still pretty much alive, but swimming through a shift into government and healthcare-based enterprise blockchain work. As told by Dilanka, the company has not come forth with any new improvements since May 26. Nevertheless, Loom’s Twitter account posted many tweets since then, containing a roadmap for 2020, posted on June 30.

Constant’ fall, and Loom Network’s alleged negligence as a whole. They emerged from a lack of product-market fit, mismanagement of supplies, inadequate management from the founders, and a shortage of recognition and transparency toward employees. This community trusted the company with their hard-earned money, Dilanka stated, providing his opinion on the circumstances.

Dilanka, who sustained access to the Kickstarter account affiliated with the game, declared he had noticed incoming questions about Relentless over the prior year from sponsors asking for updates.

Dilanka continued to mention numerous issues about the Loom Network, including a shortage of communication and suspicious actions from previous Loom CEO Matthew Campbell.

One example involves Campbell supposedly ending development on Relentless in 2019, without informing funders, and making sure the news did not go out publicly. Loom Network reportedly put more than $1.5 million into developing Relentless.

Macagon’s explanation

Loom Network’s prevailing CEO, Macagon, gave insights from the opposite side of the table. He said that he is not going to comment on the alleged defamation against Matthew Campbell.

Instead, he’ll focus on the facts. He also stated that Dilanka didn’t mislead about the truth that Loom used more than USD 1.5 million on the game; behind all, it was part of its center exposition during its first startup stage. Macagon revealed the Kickstarter funding ended in less than $300,000.

The company discussed above $1.5 million toward creating a playable real-time game working fully on-chain with its APIs and block explorers Macagon added. Relentless owned a complete experience made on the blockchain. More than $200,000 of the $1.5 million was handled for marketing — the department in which Dilanka was employed

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