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Twitter Glitches Worsen, Users Worry How Long it will Last

Twitter encounters errors such as having others’ week-old tweets as recommendations, representing a more significant social network issue.

Some parts of the application stopped working, and replies to tweets would fail, showing responses in order. Moreover, the notifications tab would not show updated alerts, and the two-factor authentication tool failed for others.

Some users who tried to open received an error message on Monday. The notification says that the user’s API plan does not include access. Others could open the site correctly but could not view photos or access links.

Last week, Twitter users experienced a different problem in checking their feeds. Instead, they say a Welcome to Twitter message as if they just joined the platform for the first time.

According to analysts, the service disruptions trace back to the app’s data center, showing engineering failures or insufficient testing. They added that the company does not have enough engineers.

The social network’s situation seems to worsen while Elon Musk keeps cutting staff. In less than a month, the app suffered its third service disruption. Moreover, it marked its sixth significant outrage in 2023, compared to the nine interferences in 2022.

The errors emphasize the central tension between Twitter and its new owner. Before, the company’s headcount was up to 7,500. Now, employees are around 2,000 or fewer. The layoffs equate to its effort to save for the firm since he purchased it with massive debt.

However, Musk risks making the network a less usable service as he attempts to slash his way to profit-making.

Musk Poked Fun at Launch of Twitter Rival

Meta Platforms, Facebook’s parent company, is said to explore a possible launch of a decentralized app like Twitter. As soon as the news was shared, Musk responded to it.

Dogecoin co-founder, Billy Markus, posted a meme on Twitter. He wondered if Mark Zuckerberg decided to launch because he thought people were upset with Elon Musk. He responded to the tweet, saying Copy Cat. 

Besides, Facebook’s new social network, P92, would allow creators to share updates about their interests. Meta’s spokesperson confirmed they are thinking of a standalone, decentralized social network.

According to an open-source, decentralized social network, Mastodon saw a surge in the proposed network last October. The same period when Musk’s Twitter invasion began.

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