XPeng Makes Major Moves: Acquires DiDi’s Smart Vehicle Arm and Unveils New EV Brand

Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer XPeng is making waves in the industry with its latest strategic announcements, and investors are responding positively.


XPeng’s stock (ticker: XPEV) experienced a surge in value following the company’s revelation of its plan to acquire the smart vehicle unit of DiDi Global, the popular ride-hailing app. The deal, valued at up to 5.8 billion Hong Kong dollars (approximately $744 million), includes DiDi receiving a 3.25% stake in XPeng. This move is expected to foster a collaborative environment between the two companies.


Additionally, XPeng revealed its ambitious plan to introduce a new EV brand in 2024, as a result of its strategic partnership with DiDi. The upcoming brand, currently codenamed “MONA,” is set to cater to the mass market segment, targeting a price range of around 150,000 Chinese yuan (approximately $21,000). The project includes the launch of an A-class smart EV model in the coming year. DiDi’s involvement will extend beyond equity, as it will offer support from its extensive mobility ecosystem, granting XPeng access to its nationwide mobility market.


This announcement sparked significant investor interest, driving XPeng’s American depositary receipts (ADRs) to climb by 5% in premarket trading, reaching $17.53. In the Hong Kong market, the company’s shares experienced an even more notable gain, closing with an 11% increase. These positive movements stand out against a backdrop of slight gains in S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite futures.


XPeng has been a standout performer, with its ADRs experiencing a remarkable 76% rise since the beginning of 2023. The company’s growth trajectory has been largely attributed to strategic developments rather than broader market trends.


Notably, XPeng’s stock saw a significant boost following the announcement of a $700 million investment by Volkswagen (VOW3.Germany) in July. This partnership aims to collaborate on the development of two EV models tailored for the Chinese market. Although XPeng’s ADRs experienced a minor pullback from their peak value, they remain up by approximately 113% over the past three months.


This series of strategic moves by XPeng showcases its determination to strengthen its position in the EV market and capitalize on emerging opportunities. As the company prepares to acquire DiDi’s smart vehicle unit and introduces a new affordable EV brand, it appears to be well-positioned to further propel its growth trajectory in the dynamic electric vehicle sector.

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